Private Insurance Agents Vs. Health Insurance Marketplace

Why do people have health insurance?
• This type of insurance protects one from unexpected costs when acquiring health services, for example in case of accidents. If one requires surgery, the health insurance company pays for it instead of you looking for the whole amount before undergoing surgery which may be difficult.
• Health insurance provides essential health benefits at a cheaper price than paying for the services every time you go to the hospital.

• You can also get free preventive care like vaccines with health insurance helping in prevention of diseases.
• Moreover, people with insurance do not have to wait for long queuing to see a doctor as in most cases, they have their own doctor they go see at the hospital.

Difference between private insurance agents and health insurance marketplace
Private or rather independent insurance agents are contractors who work independently with insurance companies to represent such companies before clients. They find clients seeking health insurance and educate them about insurance policies and plans, giving the clients the chance to find what suits them best. They have a lot of knowledge on the current insurance laws and all aspects of the insurance market.
On the other hand, health insurance marketplace is offered by the government to its citizens. People are able to access subsidized insurance without using an agent of a company. Different companies also use this insurance for their employees.

Why choose private insurance agents over health insurance marketplace
If you want to get quality, fast and reliable health services, then it is advisable to use health insurance companies that work with independent agents. Some of the reasons for choosing this as the better option are as follows;
• You can use the services offered by these agents without paying for them. This is because the agents are paid on commission for the number of clients they bring to the company. Their salary is already included in the different insurance plans hence no need to worry about paying extra money for services given to you by the agent. In comparison, the health insurance marketplace does not have agents but you will pay almost the same price as with the private insurance agents.

• Since it is possible for you not to clearly understand some insurance policies, the agents will explain to you some of the technical terms or places you may not understand clearly. They will do this with ease as they have a lot of knowledge as this is what they concentrate on most times. However, the health insurance marketplace may not take time to explain to you their policies in depth leaving you in the dark on the kind of insurance you will be using.

• The agents that advised you to use a specific insurance plan can also advise you on the way forward if you want to buy a new health insurance plan. They act as your lawyer in this process. As with the health insurance marketplace you may not get someone to show you an alternative insurance plan in case you want make changes.

It is clearly better to use private insurance agents rather than opting for health insurance marketplace as agents are keen on helping you choose an insurance that suits your needs as well as those of your loved ones. Do not spend a lot of money on health services every time when you can simply get a convenient insurance company that ensures quality health services.